PhD students

PhD student theses

These are available on White Rose eTheses Online (WREO) and/or from the University of Sheffield library.

R.Hardman (2019) Remote Sensing of Ocean Winds and Waves with Bistatic HF radar. View eThesis

A. Robinson (2013) Wind turbine impacts on HF radar ocean surface measurements in Liverpool Bay. View eThesis

W. Wang (2011) Signal processing methods to improve ocean surface wave estimation from a high frequency surface wave radar. View eThesis

J. C. Waters (2010) Data assimilation of partitioned HF radar wave data into wave models. Available from the library.

L. A. Siddons (2007) Data assimilation of HF radar data into coastal wave models. Available from the library.

A. Middleditch (2006) Spectral analysis in high frequency radar oceanography. View eThesis

S. I. N. de Caires (2000) Comparative study of HF radar measurements and wave model hindcasts of waves in shallow waters. Vol. 1 and 2. Available from the library.

A. Vizinho (1998) Modern spectral analysis in HF radar remote sensing. View eThesis

F. E. Isaac (1995) Analysis of directional wave spectra as measured by H.F. Radar. Available from the library.

M. G. Sova (1995) The sampling variability and the validation of high frequency radar measurements of the sea surface. Available from the library.